Why I Love This Image: Quiet Time for the Couple

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Wedding Photography at Rowton Castle, Shropshire

As a documentary wedding photographer, there’s so many elements of a wedding day I love to capture. Often it’s the small moments, that seemed almost insignificant at the time, that can add such mood and emotion to a couple’s wedding story. This image, from Kara and Jason’s wedding photography at Rowton Castle in Shropshire, is one such moment.

Moments In-Between the Moments

I know I’ve talked about it before, but as a documentary wedding photographer I’m always looking out for the little moments. These are the moments that fall in between those bigger moments; the moments that you’re normally expected to capture as a wedding photographer.

Here, the post-wedding ceremony portraits have been completed. The wedding couple had chatted with the wedding guests and had  now decided to take themselves off down the beautiful gardens at Rowton Castle, to enjoy a bit of quiet time after all the excitement and tension of the wedding morning.

The All-Seeing Wedding Photojournalist

It would have been easy for me to turn my focus (excuse the pun!) to other things at this point, but I kept an eye on the bride and groom as they walked away. I just knew the quiet and solitude of the moment would provide a subtle contrasting moment from the other moments of their wedding day. It’s these unsual moments I love to capture.

Of course, I also saw the symbolism of the newly married couple walking away into their future together. I love to document moments that can be imbued with meaning and are open to interpretation, as this one clearly is.

Real and Naturally Occurring Wedding Moments

Someone did ask me once why I didn’t ask them to hold hands as they walked away. As a documentary wedding photographer I’m committed to capturing the purity and honesty of a moment. So I’d never set something up. I want my wedding photojournalism to capture the real and naturally occurring moments of a couple’s wedding day. It’s their story not my creation of one.

Besides, I think the fact they aren’t holding hands portrays a confidence they have in their relationship and one another. It speaks of them as individuals as well as a bride and groom.

So that’s why I love this wedding photography at Rowton Castle. You may also enjoy other photos in my Why I Love This Image series. If you did it enjoy it, it would be great if you could share this post across your social media.




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