A mother and child at Carshalton Park Fair in Wallington, London.

When The Fair Comes To Wallington

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When the fun fair comes to town, there’s only one thing to do as a local candid street photographer: pick up your camera and had down to Carshalton Park in Wallington in order to document all the fun.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Waltzers waltz and dodgems dodge.  Excited girls and boisterous boys. Kiss me quick amongst frightful screams in the darkness of the ghost train.  Parents wave at grinning kids with arms held aloft on that Crazy Caterpillar ride. Bows and arrows and bullseye’s prizes. Stuffed lions and tigers, boyfriends carry from stall to stall.

Morris men and Mr Mayor competing with the classic cars and ice cream vans.  Whilst families’ enjoy picnic feasts despite the summer showers and sunny spells.

Legs dangle from the Booster experience, high above the rooftops of Wallington. Down below, fair workers strap in teens ready to be boosted into space, if only in mind.

The scent of hot dogs and candy floss, the fragrance of forgotten days of our own childhoods.  No more goldfish in plastic bags when you hook a duck. Just cuddly toys and lollipops.

Music booms from every ride, a cacophony of noise, melody and squeals. Round and around, up and down a heady experience for young and old. And around the perimeter are the caravans and motor homes, when fun fair folk live, albeit temporarily here in Carshalton Park.

As the sun sets and shadows grow long, toddlers yawn as they’re strapped back in to buggies and pushchairs, for that final ride of the day – back across the park and to the homes of Wallington, here in south London.  Goodbye fabulous fun fair, see you again next year.

So, here are some photos of the fair I took across the weekend.  Whether it be a wedding or street photography I always shoot in the same candid style to document unique moments and real emotions. 

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