Morning bridal preparations in Kislingbury, Northamptonshire, as a newborn baby is fed.

Why I Love This Image: The Mothers & The Babies

Why I Love This Image

A Reportage Wedding Photographer

As a reportage wedding photographer it’s not always the big moments I’m looking to document on the wedding day.  Sometimes it’s those little details that can also say much and form such a touching part of the wedding story.

This image from Lois and Phil’s wedding in Northamptonshire a few years back is a great example of how being alert to seemingly insignificant details can give you a powerful statement – and that is such an important part of a storytelling approach to wedding photography.

The Bridal Preparations in Northamptonshire

During the wedding morning’s bridal preparations, Lois was sat with Emily (whose own wedding to Lois’s brother Phil I shot a year later) one of her bridesmaids and who had recently given birth to her first child.  In fact, the birth was so close to Lois’ wedding that it was touch and go for a short while as to whether she’d make the day as a bridesmaid at all.

Of course, on it’s own, it would have made for a sweet moment of the bride enjoying time with her new nephew.  However, as I worked the scene, I noticed an old photograph on the sideboard of who I believe was Lois’ grandmother holding a newborn Lois.  Suddenly I saw something a little more moving and touching – maybe a symbol for how life is a sequence of reoccurring events.

Wedding Photography As a Family Heirloom

I also passionately believe that wedding photography is the very first keepsake a new family creates and an heirloom that is shared and passed down over the proceeding years.  This image serves as a very visual metaphor for that idea.

No it’s not perfect. The open door is a distraction to some degree.  But I’m not looking for perfect photos all the time.  What I’d rather have are perfect moments.

Could I have closed the door?  Yes.  But as a reportage wedding photographer I don’t interfere in scenes – I document moments exactly as they are. For me, it about ensuring the integrity of the moment. It also means the couple get wedding photography that is honest and representative of their genuine wedding story – rather than my creation of one.

So that’s why I love this image.

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